Sequentis Estates preserves your legacy

We are helping homeowners get out of their properties due to difficult situations fast.

Here at Sequentis Estates, we provide win-win solutions for us all to build a Legacy.

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Seek Distressed Properties

We are a well-reputed real estate company that focuses on seeking distressed properties such as pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, divorced couples, inherited, tax liens, or negative appraisals and help homeowners sell their property fast on short notice.

Provide Solutions

We look for undermanaged properties owned by sellers who do not want to invest their time or money and get this burden off their shoulders. We have a systematic buying and selling process that is  efficient and convenient for all parties.

Provide Experience

We also have the expertise to generate positive cash flow for investors. We strive to generate high returns for our clients and tend to leave a positive community in which we invest simultaneously.

Looking To Sell Your House Fast? We Provide Solutions For All Situations.


Is your home in the foreclosure process?


Are you behind on mortgage payments?

Tax Default

Are you behind on property taxes?


Have you been recently divorced?


Were you passed down a home that is a burden?

Negative Appraisal

Is your homes value lower than what you owe the bank?

Property Owners

We Have Brought Relief To Homeowners By Being The Quickest Homebuyers All Over The United States.

Why Us?

We know how circumstances could lead you into selling your house fast. With no worries about repairing your house, we buy your house as it is and help you get out of a difficult situation.

Our process is simple. We conduct a meeting with you to learn about your situation, take a look at your property, and come up with the best solution for you.


Helping Investors Build Legacies Everyday.

Why Us?

We analyze countless properties and real estate opportunities but only shortlist Non MLS properties that we know will have upside potential.

Our teams’ focus is to make real estate investments rewarding, risk-averse, and suitable for all our investors.

We do what we are nationally known for. We deal with distressed properties and provide golden opportunities to our investors to be a part of our legacy by investing in those properties.